Hei Bai Mi Gong
2017 / 103m - Hong Kong
Colour of the Game poster


December 10, 2021


Jing Wong tries to revive his old Colour series (Money and Loyalty were released a good ten years earlier). He didn't direct the film though, he just wrote the story, leaving the direction to Ka-Wai Kam. The result is a mediocre crime flick, that relies a bit too much on its aging leads.

Wah is a Triad enforcer who is given one final assignment before he can quit the game. He is supposed to track Robert, down the son of Brother Nine, a scoundrel known for misbehaving. Wah calls in the help of his old palls, but with Robert's men and the police on their tail, Wah starts to suspect there's a mole in their midst.

It's nice to see people like Jordan Chan and Philip Ng get some time in the spotlight again, next to somewhat more respected actors like Simon Yam and Lam Suet. The film does have its moments, but the plot is rather bland, and the direction isn't consistent enough to make this stand out. With so much competition, this one is probably for genre nuts only.