Sou Jiu
2022 / 102m - China
Thriller, Drama
Come Back Home poster


July 05, 2023


Oh China, what have you become? Law used to be a perfectly fine director. Not the best in the business, but if you wanted some fun genre fare, his oeuvre was a pretty safe bet. Now that he resurfaced in China, little remains of his former appeal. Come Back Home is a pretty bland rescue flick.

A family is driving towards their last stop when their car gets stuck in a ditch. The boy gets into a fight with his dad and locks himself up in a nearby cabin. Dad leaves the kid behind and drops off his wife and daughter at the hotel, then he returns to pick up his boy. When he gets there, the cabin is abandoned.

Donnie Yen isn't a very good dramatic actor, the film is way too sentimental and the drama is pure kitsch. It's a pretty common complaint for contemporary Chinese blockbusters, which irrevocably drags them down. There are some decent rescue scenes and the runtime is on point, but that's not enough to save the film.