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A very capable but low-key genre director. One of those people who held their own in the Hong Kong production machine. He never failed to amuse, though never really stood out either. Just avoid his more recent Chinese films.


The Vanished Murderer

Xiaoshi de Xiongshou
2015 / 120m - Hong Kong
Thriller, Crime
The Vanished Murderer poster

The Bullet Vanishes

Xiao Shi De Zi Dan
2012 / 108m - China
Action, Mystery
The Bullet Vanishes poster

Curse of the Deserted

Fong Chuen Gong Yu
2010 / 96m - China
Curse of the Deserted poster


2004 / 88m - Hong Kong
Romance, Horror
Koma poster

Viva Erotica

Se Qing Nan Nu
1996 / 99m - Hong Kong
Comedy, Romance
Viva Erotica poster


Bong Ga
2007 / 97m - Hong Kong
Kidnap poster

Bug Me Not

Chung Buk Ji
2005 / 97m - Hong Kong
Romance, Fantasy, Musical
Bug Me Not poster

Inner Senses

Yee Do Hung Gaan
2002 / 100m - Hong Kong
Romance, Horror, Crime
Inner Senses poster

Double Tap

Cheung Wong
2000 / 89m - Hong Kong
Action, Thriller
Double Tap poster

Pretty solid HK action/thriller, with good performances by Cheung and Fong, some fine action scenes and a couple of cool stand-offs. It's definitely not the most original film ever, it's also not the most memorable one either, but it's more than decent filler that doesn't overstay its welcome. A good start of Law's directing career.

Come Back Home

Sou Jiu
2022 / 102m - China
Drama, Thriller
Come Back Home poster

Oh China, what have you become? Law used to be a perfectly fine director. Not the best in the business, but if you wanted some fun genre fare, his oeuvre was a pretty safe bet. Now that he resurfaced in China, little remains of his former appeal. Come Back Home is a pretty bland rescue flick.

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A family is driving towards their last stop when their car gets stuck in a ditch. The boy gets into a fight with his dad and locks himself up in a nearby cabin. Dad leaves the kid behind and drops off his wife and daughter at the hotel, then he returns to pick up his boy. When he gets there, the cabin is abandoned.

Donnie Yen isn't a very good dramatic actor, the film is way too sentimental and the drama is pure kitsch. It's a pretty common complaint for contemporary Chinese blockbusters, which irrevocably drags them down. There are some decent rescue scenes and the runtime is on point, but that's not enough to save the film.