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Mostly famous for his horror work, but Oxide Pang's skill set is a lot broader than that. His films are modern, atmospheric and stylishly realized, always making sure that each film is a full-blown experience rather than a mere on-screen story.

Rare treats


by Oxide Pang Chun
Mon Seung
2006 / 85m - Hong Kong
Diary poster

Diary is a skillful, beautiful and impressive little mindfuck thriller. With a very limited cast and one single location Oxide Pang still manages to go all-out and delivers his best film to date.

Bangkok Dangerous

by Oxide Pang Chun, Danny Pang
1999 / 105m - Thailand
Bangkok Dangerous poster

Bangkok Dangerous is a film that's surviving the test of time surprisingly well.

The good stuff

The Storm Warriors

by Danny Pang, Oxide Pang Chun
Fung Wan II
2009 / 111m - Hong Kong
The Storm Warriors poster

The Storm Warriors is definitely not a masterpiece, but taking it at face value, it's an almost perfect piece of entertainment featuring some stunning art direction.


by Danny Pang, Oxide Pang Chun
Gwai Wik
2006 / 108m - Hong Kong
Re-cycle poster

Re-cycle is a fine blend of fantasy and horror, coming from the Pang Brothers. The film starts like a typical horror film, but as the plot thickens fantasy and drama elements take the lead, while never truly overshadowing the film's horror roots. Inspired imagery, an original fantasy world and solid acting make this another stand-out Pang production.

Ab-normal Beauty

by Oxide Pang Chun
Sei Mong Se Jun
2004 / 101m - Hong Kong
Ab-normal Beauty poster

One of the weirder Oxide Pang projects. It's almost like watching two separate films, bound together by the main character's love for morbid beauty. Sharply edited, full of neat little camera tricks, bold use of color and some intruiging, dark scenes. Not the easiest film to categorize, but definitely recommended if you're looking for something different.


by Oxide Pang Chun
Meng You 3D
2011 / 105m - Hong Kong
Sleepwalker poster

Like I said before, Sleepwalker is a pretty simple film. Everything is neatly revealed and tied up at the end, the plot doesn't contain any real big twists and runs smoothly from start to finish.

The Detective

by Oxide Pang Chun
C+ Jing Taam
2007 / 109m - Hong Kong
The Detective poster

Oxide Pang succeeds again in making a visual masterpiece, although less experimental and in your face as his other films.

One Take Only

by Oxide Pang Chun
Som and Bank: Bangkok for Sale
2001 / 88m - Thailand
One Take Only poster

In the end, Som and Bank is another very solid entry in the oeuvre of Oxide Pang and will have a hard time failing fans of the original Bangkok Dangerous.

The Detective 2

by Oxide Pang Chun
B+ Jing Taam
2011 / 104m - Hong Kong
The Detective 2 poster

The Detective 2 is a very solid sequel, somewhat different in tone and execution as the first film, but that's not really a bad thing.

Basic Love

by Oxide Pang Chun
Oi Ching Ku See
2009 / 106m - Hong Kong
Basic Love poster

A pretty low profile film that is sure not to reach the West any time soon, but fans of the Pang brothers should do well to seek it out anyway.

Bangkok Dangerous

by Danny Pang, Oxide Pang Chun
2008 / 99m - USA
Bangkok Dangerous poster

The Messengers

by Danny Pang, Oxide Pang Chun
2007 / 90m - USA
The Messengers poster

The Tesseract

by Oxide Pang Chun
2003 / 96m - Thailand
The Tesseract poster

The Eye

by Danny Pang, Oxide Pang Chun
Gin Gwai
2002 / 99m - Hong Kong
The Eye poster

Solid pieces

My War

by Oxide Pang Chun
2016 / 120m - China
My War poster


by Oxide Pang Chun
2013 / 103m - Hong Kong
Conspirators poster

Even though Oxide and Danny Pang still operate as a duo, they are spending more and more time on their own individual projects. The Conspirators is the latest entry in Oxide Pang's Detective series (C+ Jing Taam, B+ Jing Taam). While storywise a straight sequel to the previous two films, The Conspirators feels more like a quick spin-off than the final conclusion of Tam's detective adventures.

I never quite understood the decline in critical reception of Oxide Pang's work. I still see him as one of the more consistent directors working in Hong Kong today. While his films are plagued by some recurring problems (like slightly overdone scores and less than perfect use of CG), there is enough quality in each of his film to warrant a modest recommendation. Still a lot of people seem to detest his films for whatever reason.

The Conspirators sees Tam moving to Malaysia in a renewed attempt to solve the murder case of his parents 30 years earlier. He teams up with a local detective (played by Nick Cheung), but finds himself the target of a lethal attack soon after. He is clearly closing in on the ones who made him an orphan, but the closer he gets the more dangerous his work becomes.

Even though this film brings an end to the overarching story of the Jing Taam series, The Conspirators does lack a sense of real urgency. Somehow Tam's exploits fail to truly engage, lessening the impact of Tam's quest. Visually it's still miles ahead of most of his peers (the coloring in particular is amazing), though Oxide Pang should really look out for unnecessary use of CG, as it does hinder the overall effect of some scenes. Aaron Kwok returns as Tam and does a splendid job, Nick Cheung plays Tam's surprisingly amusing sidekick.

While still a very solid film, The Conspirators can't meet the quality level of the previous Jing Taam films. It's still worth your time though, especially when you've enjoyed the previous two films.

Child's Eye

by Danny Pang, Oxide Pang Chun
Tung Ngaan
2010 / 97m - Hong Kong
Child's Eye poster

The Eye 2

by Danny Pang, Oxide Pang Chun
Gin Gwai 2
2004 / 95m - Hong Kong
The Eye 2 poster

Bangkok Haunted

by Pisut Praesangeam, Oxide Pang Chun
2001 / 130m - Thailand
Bangkok Haunted poster

The inoffensive

Out of Inferno

by Danny Pang, Oxide Pang Chun
Tao Chu Sheng Tian
2013 / 107m - China
Out of Inferno poster

See You in YouTube

by Cheuk-Yin Chan, Wai-yan Chan, Cub Chin, Kwun-wan Ho, Wing Tai Lau, Jill Wong, Oxide Pang Chun
Oi Dau Dai
2008 / 105m - Hong Kong
See You in YouTube poster

Who Is Running?

by Oxide Pang Chun
Ta Fa Likit
1998 / 105m - Thailand
Who Is Running? poster

A solid start to Oxide Pang's career. The colorful cinematography and sharp editing are already present, but the level of execution isn't quite there yet. A decent but somewhat predictable and episodic plot keep the film advancing at a steady pace, making this an enjoyable, though slightly forgettable film.

Dubious filler

Trick or Cheat

by Cheuk-Yin Chan, Wai-yan Chan, Kwun-wan Ho, Wing Tai Lau, Jill Wong, Oxide Pang Chun
Oi Chut Mao
2009 / 94m - Hong Kong
Trick or Cheat poster

Plain forgettable

The Eye 10

by Danny Pang, Oxide Pang Chun
Gin Gwai 10
2005 / 86m - Hong Kong
The Eye 10 poster

Big nopes

Card of Death

by Oxide Pang Chun
2008 / 61m - Thailand
Card of Death poster