2022 / 107m - Canada
Horror, Sci-fi
Crimes of the Future poster


May 26, 2022


Cronenberg's return to the body horror genre has been getting quite a lot of attention, not too odd considering he's one of the founders of the genre. I'm not the biggest Cronenberg fan, but I was curious to see how his latest would stack up against the work of his son (who I like a lot better).

In a future where mankind is evolving and many has lost their sense of pain, there's a performance art couple (Saul & Caprice) who host public surgeries, where they remove freshly grown organs from Saul's body. These performances skirt the boundaries of legality, but there are other groups who like things just that little further.

There are some interesting ideas and concepts here, but the film lacks a well-paced plot, the cinematography could've been better, and the score isn't all that either. Cronenberg's musings about art, humanity and evolution feel a bit old and tired, and they are forced into the film rather crudely. The film certainly stands out and there are some memorable scenes, it just doesn't really flow that well.