Can Que
1978 / 107m - Hong Kong
Crippled Avengers poster


March 21, 2008


A fun but pretty basic Shaw Bros production. The first half hour is a bit confusing maybe, with lots of character introductions in between the fighting, but once the story settles down it should be pretty familiar territory for everyone who has already seen a couple of their films. People who have seen too many will find a nifty piece of Cheh Chang filler.

Not able to cope with the loss of his wife and the mutilation of his son, a wealthy martial arts master goes berserk in a small village. Four survivors band together and call in the help of another martial arts master, who teaches them how to fight and make the best of their handicaps, so they can take proper revenge on their assailant.

It's a very typical setup (something bad happens, the victims regroup, go into training and find their revenge after a lengthy but rewarding fight). Cheh Chang has made these films by the dozens (literally), but people who appreciate the genre (the training are fun and the final fight is pretty creative) are sure to have a lot of fun with it.