Lao Dou Wu Pa Duo
1991 / 98m - Hong Kong
Daddy, Father and Papa poster


September 13, 2021


A pretty typical, messy Clifton Ko comedy. The plot is pretty nonsensical and there's a very real chance that if you blink, you may lose track of what exactly is going on. Since we're dealing with a core comedy though, that's hardly a problem. What is a problem is the broader lack of originality and surprise, needed to make a film like this work.

When Benny doesn't come home from school one day, his mom is worried something might have happened to him. Benny' s dad isn't a big help, so his mom turns to two ex boyfriends to help her locate her son. She tells both the guys they are Benny's father, hoping this will convince them to join her quest.

Ko delivers a somewhat kooky comedy that is never quite a fun as its premise suggests. The performances are overstated but not really funny, the crime elements feel out of place, the functional look isn't charming at all and few jokes land. Like most Hong Kong comedies, pacing and runtime are redeeming factors, but Ko made better films than this one.