Si Jiao
1969 / 105m - Hong Kong
Romance, Action
Dead End poster


May 31, 2022


Cheh Chang directed a good 6 films back in 1969, so it's not too surprising he found some room for experimentation. I say experimentation, but what I really mean is "non-martial arts films", as Dead End is a pretty bog-standard movie, apart from being directed by a martial arts legend.

The plot is a simple romance with minor action elements thrown in. It follows Zhang Chun, a youngster enjoying his life, who bumps into Wen Rou, a wealthy girl who enjoyed a proper upbringing. The two fall in love and start dating, but they're from different worlds and not everyone appreciates their romance.

My expectations going in were low, sadly, there were also met. Chang isn't very good at anything but martial arts, and Dead End is no exception. The romance doesn't really work, the pacing is too slow, and the action feels out of place. There are some good moments, but they're too few and far between.