Dai Kaijû no Ato Shimatsu
2022 / 115m - Japan
Comedy, Fantasy
What to Do with the Dead Kaiju? poster


October 21, 2022


Miki returns with a lovely Kaiju parody. Instead of people having to battle one or more huge monsters, they're now trying to get rid of their remains. It's an outrageous premise with a relatively deadpan execution, structured and performed as if it was a real Kaiju flick. It's probably a bit too "complex" to be a broad success, even though Miki clearly had a sizeable budget and A-list cast at his disposal. For those familiar with the tropes of the genre though, there's plenty to love. Great performances, strong cinematography, smart jokes, and sly references make the latest Miki a joy to behold. if you're not up to snuff with the trademark Kaiju clichés, it might be a very different story.