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The good stuff

Adrift in Tokyo

by Satoshi Miki
2007 / 101m - Japan
Comedy, Drama
Adrift in Tokyo poster

Adrift In Tokyo is a rather lovely film. It knows how to blend comedy and drama into a perfect mix of blanket-like warmth, covering the viewer with a world he'd somehow like to inhabit.

Turtles Are Surprisingly Fast Swimmers

by Satoshi Miki
Kame wa Igai to Hayaku Oyogu
2005 / 90m - Japan
Turtles Are Surprisingly Fast Swimmers poster

It's a fun, quirky and silly film that slowly grows on you and leaves you behind with a warm smile.

Instant Swamp

by Satoshi Miki
Insutanto Numa
2009 / 119m - Japan
Instant Swamp poster

He falls back to his regular weirdness and dry, absurd comedy. It all leads up to a rewarding ending, leaving you with a fuzzy feeling and a sense of chill bliss.

The Insects Unlisted in the Encyclopedia

by Satoshi Miki
Zukan ni Nottenai Mushi
2007 / 103m - Japan
The Insects Unlisted in the Encyclopedia poster

Miki has a very peculiar sense of humor. The jokes can be pretty absurd and out there, but the delivery is always deadpan.

The Loafers

by Satoshi Miki
2006 / 98m - Japan
The Loafers poster

Miki has a unique, dead pan sense of humor that pushes the film forward. I can only hope he continues to make films in the same vein as his work doesn't really compare to anything else out there.

In the Pool

by Satoshi Miki
In Za Puru
2005 / 101m - Japan
In the Pool poster

Satoshi Miki is one of Japan's greatest comedy directors. His weird, absurd and sometimes deadpan sense of humor is generously present, but it's Suzuki Matsuo who makes the biggest impression here. A stellar and memorable performance that draws a lot of laughs.

LOUDER! Can't Hear What You're Singin', Wimp!

by Satoshi Miki
OnryƓ wo Agero Tako Nani Utattennnoka Zenzen Wakannendayo
2018 / 106m - Japan
LOUDER! Can't Hear What You're Singin', Wimp! poster

After a long hiatus, Miki returns with a new film. The music-based plot isn't all that great, but a superb cast and some typical Miki weirdness elevate the film to prime entertainment. It isn't very subtle and maybe not as deadpan as his earlier work, but it's nice to see Miki is still getting some work done, and he clearly hasn't run out of good ideas.

Solid pieces

It's Me, It's Me

by Satoshi Miki
Ore Ore
2013 / 119m - Japan
It's Me, It's Me poster