Also known as
Shuang Xia
Hong Kong [1971] - 94m
Action, Adventure
Directed by
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October 18, 2020


Run-of-the-mill Cheh Chang. One of his earlier works that mixes memorable scenes with unremarkable filler. No doubt the biggest Shaw Brow/Cheh Chang fans will find exactly what they're looking for in this film, but after seeing so many Shaw Bros films already it was tough to get really excited by it.

After some back and forth at the start of the film, a group of heroes tries to infiltrate an impregnable fortress. They have a map that shows them a secret route at the backside of the fortress, but to get there there they have to cross a dangerous bridge first. Not the most elaborate plot ever, but it does the job.

It's nice that Chang shot on location, the bridge scenes in particular stand out. Performances are mediocre though and the battles aren't all that exciting. The film is quite short, still the pacing feels a little sluggish at times. There simply isn't much plot and with the action being slightly subpar, the film fails to set itself apart.

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