2021 / 85m - France
The Deep House poster


October 26, 2021


Bustillo and Maury's latest is a film about an underwater house. That's a pretty original setting, and the duo makes sure to milk it for all it's worth. Other than that, The Deep House is a pretty basic horror film, but just that novel setting is strong enough to make a difference in a genre that is flooded with copycat films.

Tina and Ben are a couple who hunt down unknown spots for their YouTube channel. Ben receives a lead about a lake that is supposedly great for diving, but when they arrive at the place it turns out to be a tourist hotspot. A friendly local is willing to take Ben and Tina to a more remote corner of the lake, where they can dive for a flooded house.

It's a pretty simple setup, which could've been a tiny bit shorter, then again the film is already quite economic as it is. The initial discovery of the house and its chambers is by far the best part of the film, the sets are insane, and the tension is built up pretty nicely. The actual horror elements are a bit disappointing in comparison, but overall this is a pretty nifty horror flick that is sure to please genre fans.