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A l'Intérieur
2007 / 83m - France
Inside poster

A film that will please horror and gore fans alike. It starts of slow, but it doesn't take long before everything turns bad and it doesn't back down until the last drop of blood has been spilled.


2011 / 88m - France
Horror, Mystery
Livid poster

Livid is a superb horror flick that easily surpasses most of its peers. Watch it with an open mind and you'll see there is plenty to love and enjoy here.

The Deep House

2021 / 85m - France
The Deep House poster

Bustillo and Maury's latest is a film about an underwater house. That's a pretty original setting, and the duo makes sure to milk it for all it's worth. Other than that, The Deep House is a pretty basic horror film, but just that novel setting is strong enough to make a difference in a genre that is flooded with copycat films.

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Tina and Ben are a couple who hunt down unknown spots for their YouTube channel. Ben receives a lead about a lake that is supposedly great for diving, but when they arrive at the place it turns out to be a tourist hotspot. A friendly local is willing to take Ben and Tina to a more remote corner of the lake, where they can dive for a flooded house.

It's a pretty simple setup, which could've been a tiny bit shorter, then again the film is already quite economic as it is. The initial discovery of the house and its chambers is by far the best part of the film, the sets are insane, and the tension is built up pretty nicely. The actual horror elements are a bit disappointing in comparison, but overall this is a pretty nifty horror flick that is sure to please genre fans.


2020 / 85m - France
Kandisha poster

Foreign horror lore is a treasure trove for those who are a bit tired of the usual horror tales. Kandisha is really just a Moroccan Candyman, but the simple fact that there's new lore to explore makes it more fun. Maury & Bustillo are seasoned horror veterans too, the setting of the film further adds to the intrigue.

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Three young girls are walking home after making a graffiti mural. Amélie is the last one to walk the street, when her ex-boyfriend grabs her and tries to rape her. She fights back and manages to escape. Back home she invokes Kandisha's curse, the next day Farid is dead. Amélie thinks this is just a coincidence, but when more people around her start dying she realizes she unleashed something horrible.

The premise is hardly novel, but the focus on French youth culture mixed with Arabian influences adds plenty of flavor. The film takes a while to get up to speed, but once Kandisha is running loose things gets tenser and more brutal by the minute. The ending didn't disappoint either. No masterpiece, but prime horror filler for sure.


2017 / 90m - USA
Horror, Thriller, Crime
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