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Alive and kicking



2023 / 93m - UK
Stopmotion poster

A solid horror film, but I might have been hoping for a little extra. I'm a big fan of stop-motion cinema and even though there are some cool scenes here, the film never goes beyond. Stop-motion cinema is naturally creepy, so moving it to a dedicated horror setting should've given it an extra edge, sadly I didn't feel that.

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Ella grew up with an overbearing mother, who treated her more like an employee than a daughter. Ella was forced to work on her mother's stop-motion project, but she wasn't allowed any creative input. When her mother suddenly falls ill, Ella is left to herself, which sets her inner demons free.

The stop-motion scenes are nice, but not as creepy or moody as I'd hoped. The plot is also a bit meager and stylistically there was room for improvement. But that's just me being critical because I was low-key expecting a new personal favorite. It's a perfectly fine horror film, better than most in the genre, so if you're a horror fan you should definitely give it a go.