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2022 / 114m - Lithuania
Sci-fi, Adventure
Vesper poster

A worthy sci-fi. It's not often that films make a real effort to come up with a creative and unique vision of the future while having a proper budget to translate it to the screen. It's a real bummer then that Vesper spends a bit too much time on human drama, sometimes neglecting its superb universe featured in the background.

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Vesper is a young girl who cares for her bedridden father in a post-apocalyptic world. Genetics have ruined the world as we know it, the rich live in secluded citadels, while the poor have to survive on their own in the wastelands and forests. When a plane crashes nearby, Vesper goes out to investigate and finds a woman desperate for help.

The effects look amazing, the designs are inspired and the styling is classy. Atmosphere cinematography and a moody score add a lot of appeal. It's just that the futuristic concepts don't get quite enough airtime, and we're seeing too much human betrayal and power struggles. I wish they could've found a better balance, but Buozyte and Samper deserve another shot at the genre.


2012 / 124m - Lithuania
Sci-fi, Romance
Aurora poster