Kinema Junjou
2016 / 82m - Japan
Devotion to Cinema poster


February 17, 2023


I'm not sure what exactly Iguchi was trying to accomplish with this film, but it didn't work. At all. Once one of the spear points of Japanese horror and splatter cinema, Iguchi has faded to the background, helming low-grade idol fare. If that's your thing then Devotion to Cinema may have some appeal, if not, it's probably best to simply skip this one.

A couple of young girls get together after school for drama club, but their efforts feel aimless. When they finally get the opportunity to work on an actual film project, they grab their chance with both hands. The director is pretty ruthless though, and the production is haunted by a ghost. The girls will have to do their best to cope with the situation.

The performances are pretty bad, the film looks cheap and the plot makes no sense at all. It's pretty funny that the director looks a bit like Kawase I guess (considering what surfaced about her), but it's minor tidbits like that which have to make the film somewhat bearable. Devoted Iguchi fans might want to watch this, but I can't see anyone actively liking this film.