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Iguchi is in fact capable of directing more serious films, but his bet on over-the-top horror, comedy and cult made him an instant cult favorite. He's the archetypical manchild, but he leans into that so hard it's difficult not to like him.


Mutant Girls Squad

Sento Shojo: Chi no Tekkamen Densetsu
2010 / 89m - Japan
Mutant Girls Squad poster

If you still haven't seen enough body mutations, strange nose guns and creative ways to slice people in half (or more parts), this is a film that simply cannot be missed.

The Machine Girl

Kataude Mashin Garu
2008 / 96m - Japan
Comedy, Horror
The Machine Girl poster

If you like Japanese weirdness, gore and crazy black comedy coolness you'll like The Machine Girl.

The Flowers of Evil

Aku no Hana
2019 / 127m - Japan
Drama, Thriller
The Flowers of Evil poster

Surprisingly mature and serious film from Iguchi, best known for his crazy horror shlock. This manga/anime adaptation is a pretty typical Japanese coming of age drama, though it fosters a darker side that brings an interesting edge to the film. Well acted, solid visuals and intriguing characters make for a fine film.

Tomie: Unlimited

Tomie: Anrimiteddo
2011 / 85m - Japan
Tomie: Unlimited poster

Zombie Ass

Zonbi Asu
2011 / 85m - Japan
Comedy, Horror
Zombie Ass poster

Noboru Iguchi (Mutant Girls Squad) unleashed a very special kind of cinema onto the world when he made The Machine Girl. He has been struggling to repeat that success and has since been bested by his Sushi Typhoon buddies. With his latest film Iguchi seems to have finally settled into an even smaller niche though. Zombie Ass must be one of the most outrageously embarrassing films currently out there, and for that reason alone it should be worth a small gamble.

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Even though Zombie Ass isn't part of the official Sushi Typhoon catalogue, it's very much in line with other Sushi Typhoon releases. Bad CG, horrible actors and a pretty amateurish finish are all part of the deal, but in return you get some of the weirdest, sickest and funniest moments ever caught on film. If there ever was a "so bad it is good" flick, this one is definitely it.

Iguchi expands on the short he entered in the ABCs of Death anthology (F is for Fart). Never before has a director explored the CG fart in such devastating depths and with such great conviction. Ironically the longer running time actually plays in Iguchi's favor here, as the ever-increasing sense of embarrassment really adds to the fun. Not that the entire film is about farts, there are also a bunch on toilet zombies and a group of anal tentacles to balance out the narrative. Great art this is not, but if you're looking for 90 minutes of mind-blowing weirdness, Zombie Ass is a must see.


2009 / 102m - Japan
Comedy, Sci-fi, Action
RoboGeisha poster

Gothic Lolita Battle Bear

Nuigulumar Z
2013 / 100m - Japan
Comedy, Fantasy, Action
Gothic Lolita Battle Bear poster

Noboru Iguchi is no doubt one of the most notable Japanese camp directors of the past two decades. He's not a great or accomplished director, but he finds the craziest stuff and turns it into pure entertainment, even when the budget isn't there. Need proof? Watch Gothic Lolita Battle Bear.

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A young lolita girl and a pink teddy bear are able to fuse into Nuigulumar Z, a veritable superhero. When the Earth is under attack, they are the only ones who can save humanity. An extraterrestrial is coming to our planet hoping to turn everyone into zombies, Nuigulumar Z is our last hope of stopping him.

The plot is bonkers, the effects are makeshift, the styling is hyper cute. It's completely nonsensical, but if you like the Sushi Typhoon style then you're pretty much set with this film. It's not as over-the-top or out there as some others in the genre, but that's a pretty high bar to begin with. Fun stuff, but don't expect quality film making.

Dead Sushi

Deddo Sushi
2012 / 92m - Japan
Comedy, Action, Horror
Dead Sushi poster

Ghost Squad

Gôsuto Sukuwaddo
2018 / 106m - Japan
Action, Horror
Ghost Squad poster

With the Sushi Typhoon craze behind us, directors like Iguchi are left struggling to make something worthwhile. Ghost Squad has its moments, especially during the second half of the film, but the cheap look, bad acting and dull bits in between make it needlessly difficult to appreciate what is supposed to be fun and light-hearted entertainment.

Denjin Zaborger: The Movie

Denjin Zabôgâ
2011 / 114m - Japan
Sci-fi, Action
Denjin Zaborger: The Movie poster

Lock-On Love

Kakugo wa Ii Ka Soko no Joshi
2018 / 95m - Japan
Lock-On Love poster

What happened to Iguchi? At one time he was one of the prime representatives of gory splatter horror and crude, off-kilter comedy. With Lock-On Love he delivers a mushy and predictable high school romance. I get that the Sushi Typhoon hype is well behind us, but that's quite a stretch.

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Furuya is an adoration boy. The kind of boy all the girls love to swoon over, but won't actually date. Furuya is tired of being alone, and he picks Misono as his romantic interest. She's known to be somewhat of an ice queen though, so Furuya will have to do his utmost best to win her over with his charms.

Lock-On Love is a cookie cutter romance that doesn't even try to venture outside its comfort zone. Performances are basic, the cinematography feels kinda cheap and the soundtrack is extremely poppy, but at least the pacing is decent and there's some chemistry between the leads. If you come for signature Iguchi though, it's best to avoid this one altogether.


2014 / 105m - Japan
Horror, Thriller
Live poster

Devotion to Cinema

Kinema Junjou
2016 / 82m - Japan
Devotion to Cinema poster

I'm not sure what exactly Iguchi was trying to accomplish with this film, but it didn't work. At all. Once one of the spear points of Japanese horror and splatter cinema, Iguchi has faded to the background, helming low-grade idol fare. If that's your thing then Devotion to Cinema may have some appeal, if not, it's probably best to simply skip this one.

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A couple of young girls get together after school for drama club, but their efforts feel aimless. When they finally get the opportunity to work on an actual film project, they grab their chance with both hands. The director is pretty ruthless though, and the production is haunted by a ghost. The girls will have to do their best to cope with the situation.

The performances are pretty bad, the film looks cheap and the plot makes no sense at all. It's pretty funny that the director looks a bit like Kawase I guess (considering what surfaced about her), but it's minor tidbits like that which have to make the film somewhat bearable. Devoted Iguchi fans might want to watch this, but I can't see anyone actively liking this film.

Sukeban Boy

Oira Sukeban
2006 / 62m - Japan
Comedy, Action, Horror
Sukeban Boy poster

Kazuo Umezu's Horror Theater: The Harlequin Girl

Umezu Kazuo: Kyôfu Gekijô - Madara no Shôjo
2005 / 53m - Japan
Kazuo Umezu's Horror Theater: The Harlequin Girl poster