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One of the most insane horror directors working in Japan, putting his special effects skills to good use when putting some of the most inventive horror creatures ever on screen. One for the gore/splatter fans with a sense of humor.


Tokyo Gore Police

Tokyo Zankoku Keisatsu
2008 / 110m - Japan
Comedy, Horror
Tokyo Gore Police poster

Tokyo Gore Police is gory, fun, funny, weird and insane, but at the same time the realm in which it exists starts to grow on you, especially when the creatures become increasingly outrageous.

Mutant Girls Squad

Sento Shojo: Chi no Tekkamen Densetsu
2010 / 89m - Japan
Mutant Girls Squad poster

If you still haven't seen enough body mutations, strange nose guns and creative ways to slice people in half (or more parts), this is a film that simply cannot be missed.


Nihon Bundan: Heru Doraiba
2010 / 118m - Japan
Comedy, Horror
Helldriver poster

Nishimura adepts can rejoice, Helldriver is up there with the best, sporting roughly two hours of madness, hilariously out-of-place social criticism and tons and tons of liters of blood.

Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl

Kyuketsu Shojo tai Shojo Furanken
2009 / 85m - Japan
Comedy, Horror
Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl poster

Vampire Girl Vs Frankenstein Girl is entertainment to the max. There is no time for dull moments or dramatic depth, just heaps of blood, gore and silliness.

Meatball Machine Kodoku

Kodoku: Mitoboru Mashin
2017 / 100m - Japan
Comedy, Horror
Meatball Machine Kodoku poster

Should've started a lot quicker, but once Nishimura takes his foot off the break the film shoots into overdrive. A crazy plot, extreme gore and random weirdness make up most of the final hour. It's a whole lot of fun that doesn't let off, but the dull start and lack of diversity hold the film back a little.

The Ninja War of Torakage

Ninja Torakage
2014 / 94m - Japan
The Ninja War of Torakage poster

Speakerman: The Boo

Supîkâman: The Boo
2004 / 77m - Japan
Comedy, Fantasy
Speakerman: The Boo poster

Early Nishimura. The film is surprisingly light on horror, instead it brings a healthy blend of fantasy and comedy, finished off with a big bunch of weirdness. The film makes very little sense, then again, what do expect from a film about a speaker-like creature living in a coal miner town. It's a lot of fun though, if you can appreciate this sort of thing.

Tokyo Dragon Chef

Tokyo Doragon Hanten
2020 / 95m - Japan
Comedy, Crime
Tokyo Dragon Chef poster

Nishimura is moving more and more away from his horror roots. While there are still traces of his former self to be found in Tokyo Dragon Chef, it's primarily a comedy, with musical, crime and action bits to keep things interesting. Without all the excess though, Nishimura's lacking directorial skills get more in the way of the overall enjoyment.

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A huge conflict between different Yakuza clans leaves the city without a viable criminal organization. Ryu and Tatsu decide to leave their old life behind, opening a ramen restaurant instead. They're not the only ones who hope to make a quick buck in the restaurant business, as two other former Yakuza members station their food truck right across Ryu and Tatsu's restaurant.

Nishimura is used to working on a budget, but without his wacky creations it tends to feel a bit too flimsy. The musical numbers aren't very good, performances aren't great, and the comedy isn't all that surprising either. There's still some weirdness and wackiness that keeps things amusing, but it's one of the weaker Nishimura's I've seen so far.

Anatomia Extinction

Genkai Jinkô Keisû
1995 / 54m - Japan
Sci-fi, Horror
Anatomia Extinction poster