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Germany - 57 years old
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by Uwe Boll
2009 / 85m - Canada
Action, Drama
Rampage poster

Rampage is a pretty relentless film, but considering its concept and themes the execution is pretty spot on. No politically correct endings, no censorship, no concessions.


by Uwe Boll
2007 / 114m - USA
Postal poster

A film that is very aware of its strong points and exploits it to the point of pure mastery. It's rude, lacks subtlety, lacks any kind of serious attempt to tell a story, but remains funny throughout

Dubious filler


by Uwe Boll
2007 / 90m - Canada
Seed poster

Plain forgettable

In the Name of the King: The Last Mission

by Uwe Boll
2014 / 86m - Canada
Action, Fantasy
In the Name of the King: The Last Mission poster

I've never seen the first two films in the franchise, but since it's an Uwe Boll project I figured it wouldn't matter that much. I was right. In the Name of the King 3 is a simple action film with a rather ridiculous premise, executed with a minimum of talent, but with a nose for entertainment and fun.

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A hitman kidnaps two young girls during a job in Bulgaria. One of the girls has a mysterious penchant. When he snatches it off of her, it transports him back in time. The only way to return is to help out some local folk in their quest to beat an evil warlord. Not the most inspired story, but it's decent enough for this type of entertainment.

Dominique Purcell has to carry the film, but he's a pretty dire action hero. His performance is by far the worst part of In the Name of the King 3. The CG is also pretty crummy and the uninspired direction isn't great either, but at least there's some genre fun to be had. Far from a great film, but not quite as bad as some make it out to be.


by Uwe Boll
2005 / 95m - USA
Fantasy, Horror
BloodRayne poster

Big nopes

House of the Dead

by Uwe Boll
2003 / 90m - USA
Action, Horror
House of the Dead poster

Irritation overload

BloodRayne II: Deliverance

by Uwe Boll
2007 / 99m - Canada
Action, Horror
BloodRayne II: Deliverance poster