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The Dead Ones

2019 / 73m - USA
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Crazy film. The Dead Ones takes a flying start and hardly ever slows down. It's a 70-minute-long finale that comes off more than a little confusing, but does offer some answers in the second half. This one is all about style and vigor though, a film that cares more about offering a bewildering experience that serving a clean-cut story.

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A couple of kids are forced to clean up the local school. It looks as if the building was hit by a tornado from the inside, but no explanation is given as to what exactly happened to the place. Masked men are sealing off the building and the kids start having hallucinations. It's a big old mystery and answers are scarce.

The editing is frantic, the cinematography erratic. Together with the soundtrack it makes for a pretty bad-ass presentation. The special effects look pretty cool too, the only problem is that the performances are really below the norm (even for a B-horror). Still, if you're looking for a nifty, gritty horror flick there's plenty to like here.

The Wizard of Gore

2007 / 94m - USA
Horror, Mystery
The Wizard of Gore poster