Kakugo wa Ii Ka Soko no Joshi
2018 / 95m - Japan
Lock-On Love poster


February 08, 2021


What happened to Iguchi? At one time he was one of the prime representatives of gory splatter horror and crude, off-kilter comedy. With Lock-On Love he delivers a mushy and predictable high school romance. I get that the Sushi Typhoon hype is well behind us, but that's quite a stretch.

Furuya is an adoration boy. The kind of boy all the girls love to swoon over, but won't actually date. Furuya is tired of being alone, and he picks Misono as his romantic interest. She's known to be somewhat of an ice queen though, so Furuya will have to do his utmost best to win her over with his charms.

Lock-On Love is a cookie cutter romance that doesn't even try to venture outside its comfort zone. Performances are basic, the cinematography feels kinda cheap and the soundtrack is extremely poppy, but at least the pacing is decent and there's some chemistry between the leads. If you come for signature Iguchi though, it's best to avoid this one altogether.