Hong Quan Xiao Zi
1975 / 106m - Hong Kong
Disciples of Shaolin poster


January 08, 2022


A lesser Cheh Chang film. Maybe it's because he was getting a bit tired of making the same kind of film over and over again, or maybe it's just a small shift in balance that makes this a poorer film. A lot of these Shaw Bros films look alike and Disciples of Shaolin is no exception. The stronger focus on plot just makes it a bit harder to stomach.

Though quite a bit of time is spent on the story, it isn't all that complex. A young martial artist starts a job at a textile factory. One of his colleagues is a Shaolin disciple and warns him about a rival Manchu clan, who operates a nearby mill. It should come as no surprise that tensions rise quickly between the rivals.

Whatever time is spent on the plot and characters isn't spent on action, and that's rarely a good thing in a Chang film. The somewhat more modern soundtrack isn't too helpful either, and even the action scenes feel a bit drab. There are some decent scenes, but they are few and far between. A film for hardcore Chang fans only.