Doragon Bôru: Makafushigi Dai Bôken
1988 / 48m - Japan
Action, Adventure - Animation
Dragon Ball: Mystical Adventure poster


May 22, 2023


The third and final one of the classic Dragon Ball movies (after this, it was Z's time to shine). This is just more of the same, but what did you expect? The ever-growing crew is looking to collect all the Dragon Balls, while some villains are trying to d the same. The plot gets a little messy with so many characters and so little, but in the end, everything will be wrapped up neatly.

The emperor is hosting a special martial arts tournament that brings together all the strongest fighters in the world. The tournament is a secret ploy to complete the emperor's collection of Dragon Balls. Goku and Killin are present, hoping to win the tournament, instead, they'll be putting up a serious fight to protect what is theirs.

The art style and animation are well above par, the entertainment value is high (if you like this type of messy plot) and the short runtime makes absolutely sure there is no time to get bored. It's all very simple and basic, but it's amusing filler regardless. I'm a bit bummed that this is already the last one in the original series.