2010 / 133m - USA
Eat Pray Love poster


July 07, 2024


Insultingly bad. This felt like a movie made by some fringe mental health cult. It tries to sell these grand ideas about self-discovery and life choices, but it's depressingly shallow and completely random. Add to that some crazy imagery about foreign (read non-US) cultures and you have one of the worst Hollywood films ever.

Gilbert isn't happy with her life. She files for divorce, lands in the arms of a young boyfriend, and learns about an Indian guru. Her new relationship doesn't pan out either, so she decides to halt her life and take a sabbatical, traveling to Italy, India, and Bali to try and find what exactly she wants from life.

That seems to be the core of this film: take some time off to travel so you can learn who you truly are. It's wrapped up in Hollywood cheese, sporting hilarious clich├ęs about three handpicked foreign countries, a few poor performances, and a terrible score. And all of that lasts more than 2 hours. Yuck.