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The Prom

2020 / 130m - USA
Musical, Comedy
The Prom poster

When you see the name Ryan Murphy and the word musical in close proximity to each other, you immediately think Glee. Luckily The Prom offers more than just that, but mostly in the first hour. After that things get a lot mushier and a bit tougher to digest, but at least it was a lot better than I expected.

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Emma is a gay teen living in Louisiana. Because she outed herself, her entire school's prom is scrapped. A bunch of disgruntled Broadway artists see Emma's story on Twitter and decide it would be good press to support her in her quest to reinstate the prom. When they get there though they only make things worse for Emma.

There's quite a bit of comedy here, which is nice when it is directed at the fake/glam side of Broadway. The whole gay/acceptance plot is terribly mushy though and seeing it play out throughout the entire second hour is a bit much. Like most musicals, a shorter runtime would've made it a lot easier to stomach.

Eat Pray Love

2010 / 133m - USA
Eat Pray Love poster

Insultingly bad. This felt like a movie made by some fringe mental health cult. It tries to sell these grand ideas about self-discovery and life choices, but it's depressingly shallow and completely random. Add to that some crazy imagery about foreign (read non-US) cultures and you have one of the worst Hollywood films ever.

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Gilbert isn't happy with her life. She files for divorce, lands in the arms of a young boyfriend, and learns about an Indian guru. Her new relationship doesn't pan out either, so she decides to halt her life and take a sabbatical, traveling to Italy, India, and Bali to try and find what exactly she wants from life.

That seems to be the core of this film: take some time off to travel so you can learn who you truly are. It's wrapped up in Hollywood cheese, sporting hilarious clich├ęs about three handpicked foreign countries, a few poor performances, and a terrible score. And all of that lasts more than 2 hours. Yuck.