Xing Yuan
1999 / 96m - Hong Kong
Romance, Fantasy
Fly Me to Polaris poster


January 10, 2022


Jingle Ma isn't the most subtle of directors, so when he's doing romance you pretty much know what you're getting yourself into. The fantasy elements are a welcome diversion and the soundtrack (though often overbearing) does add some extra flavor, but there's no escaping the cheesy in this one.

Onion is killed in a traffic incident, but because he's the 60th billion deceased he gets a chance to decide his future. Either he goes to Polaris (the afterlife), or he returns to Earth and gets another 5 days to make it work with the girl he loves. The only problem is that she won't be recognizing him when he returns.

Richie Jen is pretty horrible, Cecelia Cheung is passable, though not at a level where she can carry the film. The cinematography is rather bland, and the Ma doesn't fear sentiment, the score on the other hand does bring something to the table and the finale is pretty surprising. Not exactly great cinema, but I expected worse.