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Inconspicuous but decent Hong Kong B-film director. His oeuvre is hardly essential cinema, but once you've gotten past the bigger names in the Hong Kong movie industry, Jingle Ma is a solid option for some shameless genre entertainment.


Europe Raiders

Ou Zhou Gong Lue
2018 / 101m - Hong Kong
Comedy, Action, Crime
Europe Raiders poster

Jingle Ma slowed down considerably, but like most Hong Kong directors late comeback are par for the course. Europe Raiders is the third film in the franchise and those who have seen the previous films will know what to expect. Slick, silly and expensive entertainment that is a blast to watch, but has poor longevity.

Butterfly Lovers

Mo Hup Leung Juk
2008 / 102m - Hong Kong
Romance, Action
Butterfly Lovers poster


Hua Mulan
2009 / 114m - China
Action, Adventure
Mulan poster

Goodbye, Mr. Cool

Gau Lung Bing Sat
2001 / 101m - Hong Kong
Drama, Crime
Goodbye, Mr. Cool poster

Para Para Sakura

Pa-la Pa-la Ying Ji Fa
2001 / 101m - Hong Kong
Comedy, Romance, Musical
Para Para Sakura poster

Tokyo Raiders

Dong Jing Gong Lüe
2000 / 118m - Hong Kong
Action, Crime
Tokyo Raiders poster

Speed Angels

Ji Su Tian Shi
2011 / 111m - China
Speed Angels poster

Simple race flick that is more than happy to stick to the genre clichés. Ma brought together some Pan-Asian talent, but no real A-listers. The plot is very basic, the drama doesn't really work and the CG is a little distracting. The pacing is nice though and the film does have its moments, but in the end this is little more than random filler.

Seoul Raiders

Han Cheng Gong Lüe
2005 / 95m - Hong Kong
Comedy, Action
Seoul Raiders poster

Fly Me to Polaris

Xing Yuan
1999 / 96m - Hong Kong
Romance, Fantasy
Fly Me to Polaris poster

Jingle Ma isn't the most subtle of directors, so when he's doing romance you pretty much know what you're getting yourself into. The fantasy elements are a welcome diversion and the soundtrack (though often overbearing) does add some extra flavor, but there's no escaping the cheesy in this one.

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Onion is killed in a traffic incident, but because he's the 60th billion deceased he gets a chance to decide his future. Either he goes to Polaris (the afterlife), or he returns to Earth and gets another 5 days to make it work with the girl he loves. The only problem is that she won't be recognizing him when he returns.

Richie Jen is pretty horrible, Cecelia Cheung is passable, though not at a level where she can carry the film. The cinematography is rather bland, and the Ma doesn't fear sentiment, the score on the other hand does bring something to the table and the finale is pretty surprising. Not exactly great cinema, but I expected worse.

Hot War

Waan Ying Dak Gung
1998 / 93m - Hong Kong
Hot War poster

Love You You

Xia Ri Le You You
2011 / 92m - Hong Kong
Love You You poster

A mediocre romantic drama that lacks charm and likeable characters. It tries to compensate with an idyllic setting and some pretty young faces, but in the end that doesn't really cut it. It's not the worst film and it does provide some easy entertainment, but there are better films out there that offer exactly the same ingredients, only prepared by a better cook.

Why Me, Sweetie?!

Sat Yee Gai Lui Wong
2003 / 97m - Hong Kong
Comedy, Romance
Why Me, Sweetie?! poster

One of Jingle Ma's ill-advised romcoms. I'm not quite sure what exactly Ma was going for here, but the result is one big mess. The romance is overly cheesy, the comedy is almost slapstick-like, nothing really goes together and for some reason there is some awful singing that keeps making comebacks throughout the film.

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Ding Ding is an Asian-American who moves back to Beijing to complete her studies. There she bumps into Dong. The two are clearly made for each other, but when Dong wakes up the next morning he doesn't remember Ding Ding. Dong suffers from memory loss, which greatly complicates their relationship.

Koo is a pretty solid actor, but he's just terrible here. Ma's direction is all over the place, the comedy is more miss than hit, the romance doesn't really work, and the film has some serious pacing issues, even when the runtime is relatively short. Not Jingle Ma's finest work, which makes it pretty difficult to recommend.

Summer Holiday

Ha Yat Dik Mo Mo Cha
2000 / 98m - Hong Kong
Comedy, Romance
Summer Holiday poster