Hong Fu Qi Tian
1991 / 93m - Hong Kong
Comedy, Fantasy
The Gambling Ghost poster


July 06, 2020


Sammo Hung times three. Don't expect too much action though, this is a Clifton Ko flick and Hung was hired for his comedic abilities. Sadly they're not quite as good as his action skills. While not a terrible film, it's not one of Ko's highlights and will appeal to fans of Hong Kong comedy only.

Hung plays a loser who turns to gambling to make it big. He's not very successful though and quickly squanders the little money he has. His grandfather, a deceased master gambler, takes pity on him and returns as a ghost to help his grandson. While things runs smoothly for a while, it doesn't take long before their little scheme is uncovered.

Hong Kong comedy is loud and zany and Ko's films are no exception. The soundtrack is pretty bad and the direction quite sloppy, but the story is goofy enough and there are some decent jokes scattered throughout. The ending is also a bit more action-packed, which suits Hung better. Not a great film, but okay filler.