Gui Gou Ren
1989 / 92m - Hong Kong
Ghost Fever poster


March 02, 2013


A typical Hong Kong horror comedy, helmed and fronted by Jing Wong himself. It's not often he takes on the lead role, then again he supposed had a thing for Rosamund Kwan, so the decision isn't all that remarkable. A good actor he is not, but that's not exactly a prerequisite for a film like this.

When Siu-Cheong's wife ends up in the hospital, his friends urge him to go out and have some fun. On his night out he meets a mysterious woman, with whom he spends the night. The woman isn't who she claimed she was though and before Siu-Cheong knows it, he's being stalked by a family of ghosts.

Don't expect a true horror film, certainly not with Jing Wong directing. This is a full-blown comedy with minor horror elements, but it never gets scary or gory. Typical Hong Kong material in other words, but if you're not used to their horror/comedy crossovers it might be somewhat of a shock. Ghost Fever certainly isn't the worst of its kind, but Wong has made funnier films.