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Look Out, Officer!

1990 / 90m - Hong Kong
Look Out, Officer! poster

There aren't many Stephen Chow films left I haven't seen, but once in a while one of them pops up. Look Out, Officer isn't one of Hong Kong's absolute highlights, but if you're craving some Chow comedy it's a perfectly capable film that is sure to provide the entertainment you're looking for.

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The story is basic. A cop gets killed during a police investigation. It was made to look like he committed suicide, so before he can go to heaven he has to prove his innocence. He returns to haunt the living to find the one who can clear his name. And that's where Stephen Chow steps in.

Chow's typical brand of comedy is fully present. With the help of Stanley Fung and Bill Tung he brings a lightness to the film that is unique to Chow. Sze Yu Lau's direction is a little inconspicuous, and it does feel like a cut-and-paste job from a bunch of other (more popular) films, but I've come to a point where I welcome even the more basic Chow comedies and Look Out, Officer didn't let me down in the slightest.

Saga of the Phoenix

A Xiu-lo
1990 / 93m - Hong Kong
Action, Fantasy, Comedy
Saga of the Phoenix poster

A zany mix of Chinese Ghost Story and Gremlins. The production is seriously camp and most of it is played for laughs, but overall this was a pretty amusing film, featuring crazy monster designs, cheesy comedy and some decent action scenes, in equal amounts. Ultimately though it's the pleasant pacing that makes sure the film doesn't cave in on itself.

Ghost Fever

Gui Gou Ren
1989 / 92m - Hong Kong
Ghost Fever poster

A typical Hong Kong horror comedy, helmed and fronted by Jing Wong himself. It's not often he takes on the lead role, then again he supposed had a thing for Rosamund Kwan, so the decision isn't all that remarkable. A good actor he is not, but that's not exactly a prerequisite for a film like this.

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When Siu-Cheong's wife ends up in the hospital, his friends urge him to go out and have some fun. On his night out he meets a mysterious woman, with whom he spends the night. The woman isn't who she claimed she was though and before Siu-Cheong knows it, he's being stalked by a family of ghosts.

Don't expect a true horror film, certainly not with Jing Wong directing. This is a full-blown comedy with minor horror elements, but it never gets scary or gory. Typical Hong Kong material in other words, but if you're not used to their horror/comedy crossovers it might be somewhat of a shock. Ghost Fever certainly isn't the worst of its kind, but Wong has made funnier films.