2020 / 113m - USA
Comedy, Fantasy
Godmothered poster


December 05, 2020


Disney's latest feels like a direct-to-streaming project. While the film clearly has some money behind it, the direction is extremely meek and uninspired. Maybe it's because we never had anything like Disney Channel before, but seeing Disney going these kinds of places is definitely a bit disappointing.

Eleanor is one of the few remaining godmother students and the only one with heart for the job. To save the Motherland, she goes on an assignment to help out a little girl. When she arrives, it turns out that little girl has become a widowed woman with two children to take care of. But Eleanor persists and vows to turn her life around.

The comedy isn't very funny, performances are weak, the message feels incredibly forced and dishonest. There's simply not much joy in this Christmas film. I'm not a big Disney fan to begin with, but their live action films are usually better than this, hopefully this won't become the norm for their streaming exclusives.