2008 / 137m - Italy
Gomorrah poster


April 01, 2023


Italian Mafia flick, but with a more modern/realistic twist. I guess that's why this film made a name for itself, and it's exactly why it kept my interest during the first half. The appeal didn't last though, as the bottom line isn't that different from more traditional Mafia films, with some of the characters being just as irritating.

The area between Naples and Caserta is home to one of the most influential Mafia organizations, a network of smaller clans that created the Camorra, a system that everyone involved has to obey. For the people living in the area, there's no escaping these criminal influences.

There are some more modern touches in the cinematography and score, but they aren't as prevalent as I'd hoped. The performances are decent, but the characters can get quite annoying (certainly the two wannabe crooks who go against the clans) and the film's a tad too long. Not all that bad, but I have no idea what all the fuzz was about and the second half lost my attention.