Lung Tang Sei Hoi
1992 / 99m - Hong Kong
Action, Crime
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December 31, 2022


Clarence Fok delivers a pretty generic Hong Kong crime/action flick. There are some familiar faces, a few decent action scenes and the runtime and pacing are on point. That's all pretty much expected though, what is lacking is anything particular to set this film apart from a million others that look and feel just like it.

When a Taiwanese gang boss resigns, he appoints Alan, his adopted son, as his follow-up. His two biological sons aren't too happy with this decision. In order to get what they feel is rightfully theirs, they team up with a police informant in an attempt to get Alan jailed, freeing up the position of crime boss once again.

With people like Andy Lau, Simon Yam, and Leon Lai on board, you know you're in pretty good hands. Fok's direction is decent too, but nothing exceptional. It's a decent enough film if you're content with a bit of HK crime filler, just don't expect the world of it. This is a bog-standard crime/action flick, for better or for worse.