Kai Xin Gui: Fang Shu Jia
1985 / 100m - Hong Kong
Happy Ghost II poster


July 06, 2021


A surprisingly decent sequel. I'm not a big fan of the Happy Ghost series, and this second entries has its fair share of flaws. But where the first and third film were actively annoying, this one has a basic charm that easily carries it from start to finish. It's certainly not Ko's best work, but it's perfectly decent filler.

The ghost is back, now reincarnated into the body of a high school teacher. When he is assigned a new class, he has his work cut out for him. The kids are unruly and their favorite pastime is messing with the teacher. Luckily, he has a couple of tricks up his sleeve that can help him outwit his students.

The film is little more than a constant battle between teacher and students, that said it's not all snide and pestering. Performances are decent, though for a comedy, most actors do lack comic timing. The solid pacing and light atmosphere carry this one through, not bad if you're looking for some HK comedy filler.