Kai Xin Gui Jiu Kai Xin Gui
1990 / 88m - Hong Kong
Comedy, Fantasy, Horror
Happy Ghost IV poster


November 10, 2021


Clifton Ko's fourth entry in the Happy Ghost series. This is just more of the same, so if you hated the previous films there's probably not much here for you. Not that I'm the biggest fan myself, but I do enjoy myself some Hong Kong comedy from time to time, and I actually thought this was the funniest one of the bunch so far.

Raymond Wong is back in full effect. He landed a teaching job at a new school, and he's planning to get married to his girlfriend. The kids at the school are making his life harder than it needs to be though, to make matters worse his old self is still hanging around and the ghost of an evil warlord is chasing his girlfriend for past-life mistakes.

The film starts out pretty tame, the first half hour offers little more than simple Raymond Wong comedy sketches. The film does pick up steam during the second half. The comedy gets crazier, the pacing is excruciating, and the finale is pretty wild. You probably don't need to see the earlier films to enjoy part IV, but some prior experience with Hong Kong comedy is an absolute must.