2019 / 120m - USA
Fantasy, Action
Hellboy poster


February 26, 2022


Neil Marshall doing Hellboy sounded like a lot of fun. It's clear the film was supposed to be a lot of fun too, with some very gratuitous gore, plenty of juicy bad guys and in-your-face comedy. But none of it really sticks, and the result is a badly shot action flick with terrible performances and cringy comedy.

Hellboy gets summoned to help a group of British hunters to kill a trio of giants who are ravaging the woodlands. When they draw near to their prey, the hunters turn on Hellboy, saying he can't ascend the British throne. Confused, Hellboy follows a trail that will lead him to his real parents.

The CG looks shoddy, which is a shame as the monster designs are actually pretty cool. The action choreography is poor, the comedic timing is completely off and the soundtrack is cheesy as hell. And when the ending tries to go completely over-the-top, it still feels like a poor Devilman rip-off. This should've been fun, but it wasn't.