2015 / 120m - Japan
Crime, Comedy
Hero poster


November 19, 2020


A Koki Mitani-like comedy romp by a slightly less talented director. Masayuki Suzuki does his best to make his crime investigation light and pleasantly chaotic, but the second part of the film falls into the trap of focusing a little too much on the plot, which is not where the quality of this film lies.

Asagi and Kuryu are two public prosecutors who used to have a thing. They've since parted ways, but a mysterious accident puts them back together again. It's a tough case though, as the crime happened right next to the embassy of Neustria (a nondescript European country that looks like a mix between Germany and France).

A star-studded cast and a very agreeable first hour set the bar for Hero, but Suzuki can't quite keep it up. The film start slacking during the second part, the comedy slips to the background and the investigation becomes more prominent. Not a bad film though, but Suzuki should've been a little smarter with the balance.