2016 / 127m - USA
Hidden Figures poster


May 01, 2021


Crappy Hollywood schmaltz. How ironic is it that a movie that tries to honor the accomplishments of Johnson, deems those accomplishments so benign that it has to smother them with a scripted fight against social injustices. And what was the deal with Johnson's moment supreme being little more than a piggyback on a white man's solution?

Hidden Figures tells the story of three black women who played an important part in getting the first American man in orbit around the Earth. Rather than focus on their careers at NASA though, the film is more about their fight against prejudice, misogyny and racism. Elements that Hollywood added because who wants to see a film about smart, black women, right?

Regardless of all the above, the film is just terribly kitsch. The performances are bland, the soundtrack is atrocious, the script is laughable, emotions are fake and overly sentimental. I think even Spielberg would describe this film as "a bit much". In between all the standard Hollywood nonsense there is an interesting story hidden, but it's buried under a load of hot garbage.