2020 / 93m - Canada
Thriller, Horror
Hunter Hunter poster


April 19, 2021


Hunter Hunter is a somewhat tricky thriller. Starts off well enough, then gets lost in its own twist, only to resurface with a big bang during the finale. I'm still not entirely sure whether it was worth the hassle, that said Shawn Linden shows he has the talent to deliver a mean little thriller/horror crossover.

Joseph and his family live in the woods, far away from the civilized world. With winter closing in they need food and hides, but the arrival of a wolf disturbs their efforts to prepare for the coming season. Joseph wants to get rid of the animal as quickly as possible, yet soon finds himself battling a fierce enemy.

The performances are solid and the setting is pretty atmospheric. The tension drops a little in the middle and the change of direction feels unnecessary, on the other hand the sprawling finale convinced me it might have been the right choice after all. A fine mix of thriller and horror elements, well recommended for genre fans.