Also known as
Tie Shou Wu Qing
Hong Kong [1969] - 93m
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October 25, 2021


A film that feels like it was directed by someone who finally established his blueprint and is running through the formula to tweak things here and there, hoping to push it a little further. The Invincible Fist is vintage Shaw Bros martial arts cinema, a pure genre film that doesn't surprise, but sells itself on execution.

Lo Lieh is tasked with battling a criminal gang. Hoping to learn more about them, he infiltrates the gang. What he doesn't know is that they have moles too, and Lieh soon becomes their target. To make matters even more complex, Lieh falls in love with the blind daughter of the gang's boss.

The film is nothing more than a bunch of familiar scenes and plot points stringed together. But the fight scenes in the rain do look extraordinary, there is some very cool weaponry and there's an actual post-climax finale, a true rarity. Not the best Cheh Chang film out there, but Shaw Bros fans have plenty to look forward to.

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