Da Dao Wang Wu
1973 / 94m - Hong Kong
Action, Adventure
The Iron Bodyguard poster


August 02, 2021


A middle of the road Cheh Chang film. The man has made so many films in such a short span of time, all within the same genre, that some of them are inevitably forgettable. The Iron Bodyguard is one of such films. Not that it's particularly bad or disappointing, it just doesn't excel at anything in particular.

Tan is trying to fight the corruption in the Chinese government, but they are on to him and manage to arrest him before he can do any real damage. Right before his arrest, Tan did get Wang on board, a skilled martial artist who will do his very best to keep Tan from becoming a martyr.

The Iron Bodyguard is a film with a slightly stronger focus on the narrative. There are still the usual Shaw Bros fights, but they are fewer and shorter. The story isn't all that exciting though and performances don't really stand out either. It's decent enough when you're pining for some Shaw Bros action, but only when you've seen all of their more prominent films.