Jin Bei Tong
1979 / 75m - Hong Kong
Kid with the Golden Arm poster


January 22, 2016


More filler from Chang. The biggest problem is the rather uninviting lead and his bland martial arts skill. Making a good martial arts film can be as simple as finding a great and unique skill to build your film around, the opposite is also true. When the skills of the secondary characters are nicer to look at but lack exposure, you end up with mediocre filler.

No revenge this time, but a simple plot about a gold heist. A group of ragtag fighters comes together to target a gold transport, Yang's mission is to make sure it arrives at its destination. With the help of a sword fighter, a woman with an axe and a drunken master he has to defend the transport, which is easier said than done.

Familiar faces, a familiar plot, lots of studio scenes and a long-winded action finale that should've been the cherry on the cake. But as the lead fighter is somewhat of a bust, it simply doesn't impress all that much. What remains is pretty basic but somewhat amusing Shaw Bros filler, for those who can't get enough of the studio's output.