2022 / 89m - USA
Kimi poster


February 16, 2022


Soderbergh's latest feels like a small diversion in between bigger projects. It's an odd and somewhat lazy mix of themes and elements that combine to form a contemporary tech thriller, but it's really just Soderbergh's direction that makes certain the film ends up as decent genre filler.

Kimi is a next-level digital assistant brand that differentiates itself through human intervention. Angela works as an evaluator for failed requests, when one day she receives a voice recording that has captured a crime in progress. She talks to her superiors, but they can't use the negative publicity so close to the launch of their latest update.

It's little more than a new take on the small man vs corporate overlord story, with a tech premise and an agoraphobic lead. These elements never feel very grounded and are merely an excuse for the thriller part of the film to move forward. The pacing is solid, the runtime short, and it never bores, but it's not a film that leaves a big impression.