Ying Wang
1971 / 80m - Hong Kong
King Eagle poster


August 18, 2016


More Cheh Chang filler. I'm pretty glad I kept track of everything I've seen throughout the years, as some of these Chang films are so much alike that I'd be hard-pressed to remember if I'd already seen certain titles. King Eagle is one of those films. I've watched it, but my notes don't tell me much beyond the fact that it is a very generic Shaw Bros film.

When Tong starts to lose control over his men, his second in command sees an opportunity to seize control. He traps Tong and tries to kill him, but Tong manages to escape, though heavily wounded. He does disclose the identity of the traitor to one of his loyal disciples, who makes it his mission to plan Tong's revenge.

If you've seen Chang's more famous production, you'll know exactly what to expect from this one. Some decent martial arts scenes, somewhat limited decors and performances and a plot that revolves around betrayal and revenge. It's filler in the most literal sense of the word, but Shaw Bros fans probably won't mind too much.