2017 / 94m - USA
Drama, Comedy
Lady Bird poster


August 21, 2020


Gerwig's coming of age drama garnered a lot of critical acclaim, for the most part I found it quite dull and predictable, sporting very unpleasant and uninteresting characters who simple go through the motions that are inherent to the genre. That is to say, it was exactly what I expected it to be.

The entire film hinges on Christine's character. She calls herself "Lady Bird" though, that and the fact she grows up in a rather traditional American family is probably all you need to know to fill in the remaining blanks. Some generic drama between Christine and her mom ensues, but I can't say I really cared.

Ronan at least tried her best to make something of it, but she can't rise above her character. The rest of the cast is pretty basic, the film feels timeless (which is extremely odd for a coming of age drama) and the styling is bland. The decent pacing and the short runtime are pretty much the only things saving this film from complete damnation.