Kyokuguro no Tsubasa Barukisasu
1989 / 44m - Japan
Animation, Fantasy, Adventure
Legend of Lemnear poster


November 07, 2022


A classic fantasy anime OAV. In less than 45 minutes all the usual tropes are featured, so don't expect anything too subtle or well-developed. Lemnear is genre filler of the purest kind, but once you get past that it's actually not that bad and the film does deliver on its premise. If you like a bit of fantasy anime, you can't really go wrong with this one.

Lemnear is a high-ranking warrior looking for the evil power that ravaged her village and destroyed her family. The first chapter sees her locating her target, the second chapter is one big final showdown where good fights evil. Storywise there is a bit of extra lore, but none of it is properly developed.

The character designs are pretty intricate, the animation suffers a little because of it but some smart fakery takes care of most of that. The pacing is stark, the plot is simple but sufficient. This isn't a big masterpiece, but it clearly was never intended to be. What it does is serve you over-the-top action in a proper fantasy setting. Short and sweet.