2020 / 113m - USA
Let Them All Talk poster


December 24, 2020


Soderbergh's latest is a streaming exclusive. That's a little disappointing maybe, but I'm glad he's at least back to directing films. While he hasn't lost his flair as a director, Let Them All Talk felt a bit overripe. It's probably the topic that didn't really appeal to me, still I was hoping for something a little livelier.

Alice is a renowned writer who has been selected to receive a rare literary prize. The only problem is that she won't fly, so she has to take the boat from the US to England to receive the prize. She invites two of her old friends, and her younger nephew for support. During the trip the three women catch up with each other, while Alice's nephew becomes infatuated with Alice's literary agent.

Performances are a bit colorless, the conversations are rather dry and the drama feels a bit highbrow. The cinematography is nice enough and there's definitely some of Soderbergh oldskool playfulness present in his direction, but that wasn't enough to keep me engaged for the entire runtime.