1970 / 139m - USA
Little Big Man poster


April 10, 2023


Bit of a cheesy Cowboys and Indians flick, but at least it's not quite as wannabe tough and/or cool as some of its more illustrious peers. That makes it much easier to sit through, even though the runtime does its best to get in the way of any enjoyment. Not sure who thought it a good idea to turn this into a 140-minute film.

Indians take in a young boy, and he grows up learning about their ways and culture. Later, he returns to live with white folk, where he's taught a different way of living. He feels torn in a world where whites and Indians are at constant war with each other, especially when he has to join the fighting.

The film isn't quite as serious as it sounds, which is a good thing, since the sentiment weighs pretty heavy. I didn't really care for Hoffman's characters, nor the drama he is facing during the film, but compared to other Westerns I found this one a relatively easy watch. Far from great, but I'd expected worse.