Rupan sansei vs Kyattsu ai
2023 / 92m - Japan
Crime, Comedy
Lupin III vs Cat's Eye poster


April 19, 2023


A franchise crossover between Lupin III and Cat's Eye. It's an easy way to introduce new people to unfamiliar franchises, and so I was the perfect target audience for this film. Except that based on this, I probably won't make a big effort to seek out Cat's Eye. Not that this was a bad film, but it's the Lupin cast that makes it fun.

Lupin is eyeing three paintings, created by the father of the Cat's Eye ladies. He is a crafty thief and manages to steal them right from under their noses. The Cat's Eye women chase down Lupin, but of course, there's more to the theft than meets the eye. A big art organization also wants their hands on the paintings, for less lofty reasons.

I'm not sure if Seshita's 3D treatment was the best style to bring these two worlds together, but it does make for some rather dynamic action scenes. The plot is decent enough and it's a nice touch that they end up in Paris (Asian art heist films often do), it's just that I found the Cat's Eye cast a bit too dull and generic. Not bad, just not all that remarkable either.