2000 / 109m - USA
Comedy, Crime
Miss Congeniality poster


September 08, 2020


A completely harmless comedy. Pretty much what you can expect from a Sandra Bullock film, the uncontested queen of harmless, middle-of-the-road cinema. Miss Congeniality is the kind of filler that is ideal for a low priority TV slot, for some reason I never caught this one on television though.

Bullock is a hardened tomboy cop who needs to turn into a pageant queen to complete an assignment. Bullock is fit for neither parts, luckily this isn't the film to take itself too serious. From there on out it follows a very predictable and familiar path, equal part comedy, action and drama, but none of it making a big impression.

The film's too long, something simple like this should last more than 90 minutes. But at least the atmosphere is light and the pacing is decent. Even though there's hardly anything positive to say about this film, it never really drags or irritates either. It's just very plain, safe, forgettable but comfortable entertainment.